Greg's Background

I have been editing since 2007. My first project was an instructional DVD with 64 chapters to help students navigate to the topics they were studying. I was lucky enough to work with filmakers that had done pieces for broadcast and one who had even been nominated for an Academy Award. As we began to investigate our best options for the edit, it became clear that it was best for me to edit the piece. The more I learned, the more I was fascinated. I studied voraciously, edited instructional pieces for others, and provided motion graphics and tutoring to a number of clients. Eventually I found myself editing a feature length documentary that was nominated for Best Documentary in Detroit's Uptown Film Festival.

Working with film projects and creative technology provides a nice balance to my other work--which is teaching t'ai chi and healing bodywork. I work with diverse video projects every year and help each client meet unique needs. It is very satisfying for me to help people tell their story, whether by creating a title sequence for an online video or editing a feature length film.


Greg Knollmeyer

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