A selection of recent projects.

MusicLiving Music Living Project - The documents a four year journey to play all 32 of Beethoven's piano sonatas. Joel Schoenhals, Eastern Michigan University professor and Steinway Artist performs. I coordinated the shoots, edited the piece, and animated Beethoven.
everydayPeople - A feature length documentary which was nominated for "Best Documentary" in Detroit's Uptown Film Festival. I edited the piece, performed color and sound correction, created motion graphics, and placed soundtrack music.
Gateway Chiropractic - Dr. Diane Babalas explains her work in an interview. I edited the piece, performed color and sound correction, created logo and animation, and provided music.
T'ai Chi for Life T'ai Chi for Life - A full length DVD with 64 chapters which I edited for The Spiral Chi Center. I synchronized footage, corrected color, created mirror image instruction, added picture in picture for different angles of demonstration, and added music and titles, as well as authoring complex DVD structure.
Eight Methods The Eight Methods - A set of instructional videos for the Peaceful Dragon School of T'ai Chi. This included optimizing old footage, editing the instruction, and delivering via full DVD as well as web episodes.


The documentary everydayPeople was nominated for best picture in Detroit's Uptown Film Festival.

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